Demolition Services

Garvey demolition can provide a full or part demolition service to suit your companies requirements.  Undertaking all aspects of demolition work with a skilled workforce and highly accredited company, Garvey Demolition can provide a solution for your demolition requirements.

Our full range of demolition services include:

  • Pre contract enabling works
  • All service disconnection handled in house
  • Asbestos survey and removal including notifiable asbestos
  • Soft striping and internal alteration works
  • Structural demolition by machine and hand
  • Robotic demolition
  • Concrete drilling & Cutting
  • High reach demolition
  • Separation cuts from existing structures and making good of remaining structures
  • Facade retention design and installation for listed buildings
  • Demolition waste recycling service
  • On site concrete crushing and stockpile for landfill waste reduction
  • Haulage
  • Bulk excavation
  • Site remediation
  • Plant Hire

Our Goals are to provide the following:

  • A safe working environment for all parties evolved with the project
  • A professionally delivered package, focusing on client requirements, safety, programme and budget.
  • Consideration of all other parties around the project, with dedicated liaison officer
  • Minimal or zero Environmental impact to surrounding wildlife and vegetation
  • Focusing on maximum recycling of waste, with an aim for 100% recycle of demolition waste.